Your customers’ smartphones are the key to success

In the future, the way to the customer will be via their smartphone. For the first contacts and inspiration, an app is uneconomical and uninteresting for the customer. With our browser-based solutions, you can present your products optimally, interactively and in an exciting way in 3D. We will show you how you can market and sell more successfully.

Interactive content and short videos bring success

The age of brochures and catalogs is coming to an end. Too cumbersome, not realistically measurable and anything but effective in terms of handling. Customers want to be entertained and interact with the products. In this way, you arouse their interest in a playful way, you can measure success directly and you save valuable natural resources.

Social media 
is crucial

Social media are increasingly determining the purchasing behavior of customers. They have a decisive influence on the success of a product. Our browser-based software has been developed for use in social media. Inspirations can be quickly created, posted and shared.

E-commerce and stationary trade must form a symbiosis

The customer journey will move fluidly between these two worlds. The transitions must therefore mesh optimally and the key to this is once again the smartphone. The whole thing is ideally reinforced with the c5 touch. You will be amazed at the new and important perspectives our system offers your marketing and sales.