c5 touch

c5 touch

Finally A Great Solution For Thousands Of Shops

Stationary touch displays can be seen everywhere already, in cinemas, Mc Donald´s, IKEA etc… Actually it works like a giant smartphone, so really nobody will need any introduction to use it. But this very solid device is something really special.

Never Loose Precious Customers Anymore

Especially during high traffic time periods like weekends your company also suffers from a massive lack of good sales teams. Every vendor knows this big problem. The c5 touch is a great and very effective support for your local sales teams in your shops since customers can quickly get all of the important information they need very fast and in a totally self explaining way.

Very Powerful &
Fully Upgradeable

Unlike any other device on the worldwide market, our c5 touch is available with really fast processors for this extra “Wow” factor for your customers. Using ZTAGE and INZPYRE on the c5 touch is a real joy. And you will be amazed how fast and easily its hardware can be upgraded so that your c5 touch will never be technologically outdated.

Clever Content

The c5 touch is operated and managed by our browzerbased CMS system. It allows you not only to keep track about all activities on your devices but you can handle your entire content management at ease from your headquarter. You can produce your sontent individually and independently either by yourself or by your agencies and freelancers.

Robust And Reliable

It is massive and weighs approx. 100kg. As a stand alone solution this device is exposed to many various influences, such as kids trying to climb it or any kinds of bumps. Don´t worry, our c5 touch can handle all of these hazards. In addition: No maintenance is needed. Your POS staff will love it and never be bothered by their new heavy colleague.

Totally Self Explaining

Your c5 touch is very similar to a giant smartphone in widescreen mode. Therefore it is clear, that everybody will operate it very quickly and intuitively. There are no irritating menus with countless of options which nobody needs. Let the c5 touch convince you and test it yourself. You can either test it in one of our showrooms or we wil ship a test sample directly to you. Simply contact us.