Your products in
a revolutionary
new way

ZTAGE was specially developed for devices with touch displays. It is easy to use and all important information is presented quickly and interestingly at the tap of a finger. With ZTAGE, products can be configured in a 3D view and transferred to the shopping cart when connected to the e-commerce system.

State of the art
material management

We have developed a method by dynamically applying materials to 3D models. Each material is created only once and can be assigned to any 3D model with simple steps. A new modeling of the 3D model is therefore not necessary.

Great graphics
and maximum performance

Our process separates materials and 3D models and manages them separately. When changes are made to the display, only small amounts of data are required. This ensures high performance with consistent graphics quality.

Use short videos
instead of text

They want short videos that get straight to the point. With ZTAGE, this integration is quick and easy. You will be surprised at the enormous positive effects this will have on your sales.

More customers
with social media

The popularity of sharing and discussing product experiences with friends, colleagues or partners is growing. ZTAGE easily generates QR codes and interactive links that can be posted on all social media platforms.

Custom design

The frontend can be customized according to your wishes or your corporate identity specifications.

3D Models 2.0

The bicycle example shows ways of using our software.

A navigation bar is displayed via the information button, with which further product information can be called up. In addition, individual product highlights can be placed and linked to videos.

With the button above the model you can switch the view between a wire mesh (3D mesh without materials) and the complete 3D model.

Production 3D models

Take one or two pictures of your product

No CAD data or complicated template requirements. Pictures from your phone will do.

Your 3D model will be ready in a short time

You can find out about the production status at any time via your account. From here you can also manage the models and materials.

New possibilities for your marketing

Not only for ZTAGE and INZYPRE – you can realize the majority of your photo productions yourself. If required, an export in various formats and highpolygon data can also be provided.