More than 700.000 users per month from Germany who are searching for a new apartment or house. This is the perfect place to present many products like kitchen, bath rooms and numerous articles from the interior segment as well as countless products to be used in and around your house to the correct target groups at the exactly right time.

Stylish And Free Of
Annoying Product Propaganda

We really want to create something brandnew and we are serious about it. So let´s get rid of tons of text information which nobody really reads and replace it by exciting interactive inspirations accompanied by authentic short videos which are trustworthy and explain the most important aspects within a few seconds only.

The World’s First
Social Media Based Magazine

Content on Social media determines if a product will become a success or not. The only problem is, there is such an unbelievable amount of content with huge differences in quality and trustworthiness that customers searching for new products and inspirations quickly get lost and heavily annoyed by endless blabla without any real benefit. INZPYRE magazine is a brandnew crossover between cool interactive inspirations and guided plus trustworthy consulting service. Totally free for consumers and without any nerve killing online advertising or penetrating registration processes.

We Respect Your Privacy!

INZPYRE magazine is not playing any tricks on you. You will neither receive any newsletters nor will we ever pass any personal information to any other company if you do not wish to be contacted. INZPYRE magazine will not be used by any means in order to spy out any private customers.

We Believe In Interactive Inspirations

INZYPRE magazine is totally focused on interactive inspirations. We totally believe in the fact, that especially in the interior and fashion industry your customers have to see and experience something really great before they ever realistically consider to read more details about your products. If they don´t like what they see, then you are chanceless. And the only way to do it, is to ztage your product and present it in an exciting inspiration. So this is exactly what we will do without any exceptions.